The volume of right triangular prism: In geometry, a triangle prism is a three-party character; It is a triangular basis, a translated copy, and a polygon of 3 faces connected to the respective sides. A right triangle prism is on the rectangular side, otherwise, it is oblique.

Volume of Prism: Volume is the amount of 3-dimensional space occupied by an object. Volume is measured in dense units. For example, the rectangular prism below has a volume of 18 18 cubic units because it consists of 18 18 units of cubic units.

Volume of right triangular prism in vector form: 

Given, triangle vertices: A=(0,0,1),B=(1,1,1),C=(1,2,3)

Consider the prism having the triangle ABC as the base and as the roof, which is obtained by translating the triangle ABC by the vector v=(1,1,1)

So what I did was use the Triple Scalar Product, but cut in half (since it’s a triangle base/roof).


Volume of right triangular prism



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