Surface area of a triangular prism

Surface area of a triangular prism

 Surface area of a triangular prism, Firstly, instead of the values given in the formula, multiply the base bar height for next, triangle (bh) area and add three aspects of the triangle (s1 + s2 + s3).

Surface area of this rectangular prism: A cube is a rectangular prism where all the directions are the same. The formula for finding a rectangular prism surface area is A = 2wl + 2lh + 2hw, where w is the width, l is the length, and h is the height.

Right triangle prism: A right triangle prism is a prism with two parallel and equivalent triangular faces and three rectangular faces more than perpendicular to the triangular faces. … if the bases are horizontal, sometimes the top and bottom (face) is called. Next to the lateral face is also called lateral edge.


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