Triangular prism:

Surface area of a triangular prism formula: In geometry, a triangle prism is a three-party character; It is a triangular basis, a translated copy, and a polygon of 3 faces connected to the respective sides. A right triangle prism is on the rectangular side, otherwise it is oblique. A common triangular prism is a parallel base and a triangular prism on the side of the square.

Equivalent, this is a plural form, which is parallel to two faces, the normal flat plane of the other three surfaces (which is not basically equivalent to the base plane). These three face parallel characters All cross-section parallel to the base cross is the same triangle.

Surface area of a triangular prism formula:

Using the formulas

surface area of a triangular prism formula

Solving for A [Exampal]
a = Base Side
b = Base Side
c = Base Side
h = Height




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