Snapseed for Android iPhone Download: Snapseed is a photo-editing application produced by Nik Software, which is owned by Google for iOS and Android, which enables users to enhance their photos and apply digital filters. PC Magazine is Snapseed as one of the top 100 best android apps in the year 2015.

Snapseed Work Tool

Including 29 tools and filters: treatment, brush, structure, HDR, the point of view (see list below)

• Opens JPG and RAW files
• Save your personal appearance and then apply them to new photos
• Election Filter Brush
• All styles tweaked with precise control can be cured
• RAW Develop – Open and RAW DNG files; Export as non-destructive or JPG
• Tune image – Exposure with fine, precise control and to adjust automatically or color
• Details – brought the structure of the caged image surface
• Crop – value scale or free crop
• Rotate – 90 degrees Celsius, or a diagonally horizontal direction
• Perspective – Right skewed lines and right horizons or home geometry
• White balance – colors make colors more consistent so that the colors are adjusted
• Brush – expose a certain exposure, saturation, brightness or heat
• Selective – the famous “control point” technique: assign the position and growth up to 8 points in the image, the algorithm makes everyone’s magic.


• Healing – remove uninvited neighbors from a group picture
• Vignette – will add a soft darkness around a beautiful, elaborate aperture angle
• Text – add both stylistic or plain text
• Curves – your picture has precise control at the brightness level
• Expand – Enlarge the size of your canvas and fill the new areas smartly with your image content
• Lens Blur – Add a nice idiot for ideal pictures (background soft) for the photographic portrait
• Glamor Glow – Add Great Photos to Photos or Portrait
• Tonal Contrast – Expand Shadow, Midnight and Highlights
• HDR Scope – Create a great showing in your photos by creating effects of multiple exposures

• Drama – Add Vacation Signal to Your Photos (6 styles)
• Grunge – A radioactive look with strong style and texture overlays
• Gum Film – Shows Modern Movies with Realistic Cereals
• Vintage – colorful photo style in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s
• Retrolux – Go Retro with Light Leak, Scratch, Movie Style
• Noir – shows black and white films with realistic grains and “washing” effects
• Black and white – black and white faces straight out of the dark
• Frame – Add frame with regular size
• Double Exposure – Create two photos by drawing in drawing and selecting from blend mode inspired by digital image processing.
• Face Enhance – focus on the eyes, add special light to the face, or smooth the skin
• Face Pose – Portrait Breakdown on a Three-dimensional Model

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