PNR Status

PNR Status

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  • Seat notice
  •   Coach and number of seats
  •   Waiting list information when applicable
  •   RAC (save against cancellation) if applicable.
  •   CNF (Confirmation) without the ticket for seat number. In such cases, the final seat is shown after the chart is ready. Travel and rental classes
  • Travel and rental classes
  • Chart Status (Ready – Yes / No)
  • Train names and numbers
  • Booking location and current status (eg, GNW 25 / S2, 16)
  • Time to travel from the source station and to the destination station.
  • Time to travel

To know more about PNR, ask the question below

What is a PNR number?

PNR (passenger number record) number is a unique decimal number, which is provided for each book train ticket. Whether you are booking a ticket online or physically (via the railway station ticket counter), the ticket should definitely be a PNR number. When asked for group booking, a maximum of 6 passengers can be given a single PNR number.

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Where can I see my PNR number?

Every train ticket, whether it has been booked online or through physical ticket counters, comes with 10 digit PNR number. For online ticket booking, PNR numbers are sent via email and SMS. For physical ticket booking, the PNR status is in the upper left hand of the printed ticket. To ask about the PNR status you will need to input and PNR number input to use Relyatri to add many other interesting services.

How to check PNR Status at

Type your PNR in the search box above. Click on the ‘Get PNR Status’ button and you will be able to know the latest status of your PNR. Please note that to allow access to, automatic PNR status changes allow updates and alerts.

What are confirmation chances for my waitlisted ticket?

The receipt of the waitlisted ticket is very common when you book the Indian Railway train ticket. It is important to know the confirmation possibilities and updates in your waiting list. Relief helps you both. The possibility to confirm your waitlist ticket is shown to you as high, medium and low.


Here is how we calculate it with almost 100% accuracy:

The expected possibilities of our confirmed probabilities are driven by historical information with the mathematical algorithms of machine learning. We include various variables of seasonal, dust pattern etc. and this prediction pioneer, therefore our application and website are the best places to get PNR status and get live alerts to change the waitlist.

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How does PNR work for train ticket booking?

The Railway Information Systems Center (CRIS) manages a database where all information of the passengers is fed and stored. Whenever Indian Railway tickets are booked online (through IRCTC), or in the ticket counters, 10-digit digital PNR numbers are created. The PNR is valid until the end of the journey. After some time the old PNR CRIS database is out.


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