Best 5 Native Ad Networks for Small Publishers

Over the last few years, a major change has been seen in the whole advice industry, which has resulted in ad network gradually coming out of the business and the SSP / DSP is leading the way. Undoubtedly, Native Advertising has been the top story of the entire adtech ecosystem! However, even today, small publishers make it hard to monetize their inventory with local advertising networks due to traffic constraints in this network. On a larger scale, original ads are more effective in direct partnership with institutional channels and premium publishers. But still for small publishers and still remains a sweet pie, we are going to discuss 8 popular Native Advertising Networks for small publishers. What is more about a new publisher is that they can earn through advertising – and some cents add something that is a great emotional boost, with each major publisher, starting with a rolling penny, which has become 10,000 dollars from today’s monthly revenue. Even if you are commenting on a minimum of 2000-3000 pages in a day, there is a possibility to earn, and thus your local advertising list will help you start with small publishers. Best 5 Native Ad Networks for Small Publishers.

Best 5 Native Ad Networks for Small Publishers List

1. Adnow Ads Network

Adnow took the site with low traffic volume. They have an Alexa rank of 20,000+ and one of the fastest growing native ad networks. They take global traffic, but their strong geography is Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Vietnam, and Brazil. So if you have most of the traffic from this country, you can go ahead with Adnow. You can expect a widget RPM for these countries at USD 1 and above. In addition, Ado also works with Indian Traffic. However, sometimes the ad may be similar since, at the moment, their advertiser base is not very big in India. Here is a detailed review of Adnow.

2. ads Network is another growing advertising network that allows publishers to earn money through sponsored content suggestions. The content widgets formally support English, Spanish, French & Turkish for internal content. In other languages except those listed, the widgets used for internal content do not work properly. So if you get sites from those geography, you can earn a good portion of revenue from Their pop-up widget on desktop and mobile can greatly increase your overall revenue and is highly recommended for EU traffic. is a choice for publishers of any size that is looking for high CPM rates with EU traffic.

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3. Facebook Audience Network

You can run native advertisements on mobile web traffic through the Facebook audience network. It usually gives higher rates than other ad networks, and sometimes it can be strengthened by AdSense if you have 1 traffic strong steering, however, I did not try their local advertising, but instead, I was trying their mobile banner ads that cost me $ 0.30- $ 2 and above provided an RPM. I suggest you try the audience’s network to judge your revenue feasibility. It may be a good source of revenue apart from AdSense. Here is a comprehensive guide for publishers to start with the Facebook audience network. (Our suggested local advertising network for small publishers) Currently, the network of viewers for the web is open to selected publishers.

”Best 5 Native Ad Networks for Small Publishers”

4. Mediavenus Ads Network

It’s been a few years ago that came to the Mediavenus film, but it comes with the experience of Leadbeat Group, one of the main CPA networks for EU and Asian publishers. MediaWenS is a native add network that promotes affiliate offers and runs a mix of CPM, CPP and CPA pricing. Its advertisements are actively displayed on 100,000 publisher websites and allow both display and pop-up ads. This is the main reason for our proposed native ad networks for small publishers because it is essentially its low traffic requirements and fast payment. Try one of the mediavenus.

5. MGID Ads Network

MGID has 1000+ Alexa Rank and has been doing business for more than a decade. They came out of their traffic exchange platform and now support local ads. Minimum traffic is not required for joining MGID as publisher. However, their minimum payment threshold is set to $ 100, which may be slightly higher for new publishers. I run a test of their local advertising and see CPC near 1 cents-2 cents for Asian traffic (mostly India). If you have a good viral or social blog, then an MGID with AdSense may be an additional source of monetization. We recommend you give MGID a try! This is the local advertising network for small publishers, including global traffic.

Best 5 Native Ad Networks for Small Publishers



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