Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

Once upon a website or blog and running on your website, a good content strategy and a growing audience day by day; Your next concern is how to make a permanent income from it. One of the most popular and easiest ways to do this is to buy a Google AdSense account and start selling advertising space on your website. The next best thing you can do is become an affiliate partner with various online stores, help sell your products on your site and earn a commission in it. Or you can simply sign up with Cuelinks, place a JavaScript code in your website footer and automatically sign up for hundreds of online stores and affiliate networks, which convert all the store links you insert into your affiliate links to your site. Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

Then all you have to do is start listing the products of different stores on your site or place your widget in a widget ready to link to your content discretely hyperlink products, or click on your visitors to click and buy them. Online transactions and affiliated networks provide you with a commission to complete, sell, or install the application through your links. Its the only complicated part of how easy it is to be affiliate marketing is to understand that any partnership program in India will pay you the most for your promotional efforts. Which program will ensure that you have a strong revenue to wait at the end of each month.

Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs in India List

  1. Flipkart Affiliate Programs

Starting as an online bookstore by two Indians, Flipkart can buy Flipkart’s Automobile spare parts from one of the leading online markets in India, Amazon’s tough competition, an online giant worldwide today, buyers from home books, clothing from furniture, baby care products. With such broad classes, Flipkart offers various affiliate commissions for various product categories. For example, you can now sell 1.80% commission storage devices such as HDDs, memory card, and pen drive when you sell fashion and lifestyle products through the Flipcard Affiliate Program at 9% Cuelinks.

2. Amazon Affiliate Program

In June 2013, Amazon launched Indian e-commerce. It is a vast market that does not offer all kinds of products, but Kindle, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Fire TV Stick etc. Now you can sell 9.39% per person for sale at Amazon earning the highest earnings in India, where you can earn 7.43% commission on sales for the book. You can check all the different peas for different sections of Amazon here. In addition, Amazon is currently running a CPI (cost per install) campaign in India, which offers a suitable commission every month when a customer installs an Amazon Android app through a publisher’s site or blog.

3. ShopClues Affiliate Program

Another popular Indian online marketplace, ShopClues boasts a merchant base of 8.5 million products with more than 3.5 million offers. It offers its customers on Sunday Fla Market, SuperSafe Market on Wednesday, regular festival sales, and wholesale prices. Intensive price products are the USP of this online store, which makes its affiliate program quite easy for public publicity. ShopClues Affiliate Program’s repayment amount for selling fashions, footwear, travel and luggage, automobiles, sports and health, home and kitchen 7.65% You can check the commission rates of other product categories here.

”Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs in India”

4. Jabong Affiliate Program

If you have a fashion-centric site or blog, the Jabong Affiliate program is one of the best people to promote through your content. With a wide range of latest and trendy fashion clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids, great customer experience, and on-delivery; Jabong is a shelter for fashionistas and fashion bloggers somehow. Currently, you can earn 10.12% per click when clicking on the Jabong affiliate link on your site in the new site. You can use banners, widgets or links to promote Jabong affiliate programs through your site. You can also promote it through email, pop, social media, Facebook and native advertisements.

5. eBay Affiliate Program

Beginning as an online trading platform in the United States in 1995. eBay makes it easier to sell-to-consumers as well as business-to-consumers. Anyone listed here can buy and sell almost anything; From clothing to electronics to health and commodity from domain names, repositories and more. Offer a wide range of products and services, and its long-established online presence, because eBay has made it to this list, you can earn up to 9% commission by promoting eBay branch program through links, banners, widgets etc. Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs in India.

6. Big Rock Affiliate Programs

When it comes to affiliate programs, domain registration, and web hosting; Companies like Big Rock can get the maximum return for each sale you generate for them. Offer a product portfolio domain registration, email services, web hosting, website builders, and digital certificates; World-class customer service; And fast and user-friendly processes Big Rock is the first choice among many small businesses, professionals, and people, planning to go online. Combined with high commissioning it can convert well and convert high commission rates for Big Rock affiliate programs from 22.50% to 45% for their email and web hosting services, you can earn up to 900 bucks for each Big Rock website builder tool sold through your content, While.

7. MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program

Hosting an online travel guide, travel blog, a tour, and travel website, even posting a few travel blogs on your site? Then make sure that you do not miss the chance to promote MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program through your content. MakeMyTrip is among the most popular, reliable and hassle-free travel portal for tourists. Add it, the higher commission rate that it offers its affiliate partner, and it became a favorite as well as among the creators and curators of the content.

8. Agoda Affiliate Programs

One of India’s greatest travel-centric affiliate programs is offered by offers, which is one of the fastest growing online hotel platforms in the world. Hotels with customer support in around 40 languages offer budget hostels, luxury hotels, yards, guest houses, villas, homes, and apartments at the best hotels. These extensive and integrated catalogs make the Affiliate Program very profitable.

9. Tata Cliq Affiliate Program

Introduced in June 2016, Tata Cliq, the new entrant to the Indian online market, took an e-commerce industry in an incredibly short time due to the storm. It sells various national and international brand clothing, electronics, footwear, watches, accessories, lingerie and alarms with the promise of quality, convenience and truth. So, promoting Tata Clique products in your content can be very valuable. Besides, Tata Cliq Affiliate Program is currently offering the highest payment of lifestyle products (12.15%) compared to other markets. It’s currently the longest cookie duration, which is 30 days. Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

10. Nearbuy  Affiliate Programs

Nearbuy is India’s first online local revelation platform, where you can victual, drink, relax, party, regale, stay and find better places near you. With more than 100,000 locations in more than 18 divisions of India, it has reached more than 35 states of India. This Nearbuy affiliate program is very flexible, it lends itself to sundry types of content, it relates to peregrinate, resplendency, personal wellness, regalement, pabulum and dining, local peregrinate etc. So if you do not have any issues with your blog or site, you will still be able to promote Nearbuy affiliate programs through it.

Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs in India



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