Abcoulomb (abbreviated abc) is a unit of amount of charge between electromagnetic unit system CGS (cm / g / sec). It is approximately equal to the charges included in 6.24 x 1019 electrons.

Depending on the distance between the abcoulombs and objects in both objects, depending on the distance between two electric chairs or attracts each other. If the polarity is the same, the external adversity; If polarities are reversed, the ball is attractive for any two charged agencies, reducing the ratio of the ratio of the square of the distance to their center of charge.

Abcoulomb is functionally a fairly large unit, equals 10 coulombs (C). In most applications, Coulomb, which is the standard unit of charge of the International System of Units (SI), preferred.

Also see the amount of charge, CGS or small single metric system, and Unit International System (SI).

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